Tips For Holding Class Reunion

Tips For Holding Class Reunion

Meeting friends in arms during school must be very fun. We can already imagine the excitement of reminiscing at school, especially usually remembering what were the delinquencies and pranks that were done in the past.

Not even a few who blushed because they met their ex-girlfriends or friends who had been liked at school again.

Usually, for school reunions and class reunion to leave a deep impression, of course, it is very necessary to plan them as well as possible. Because of that, being a reunion committee is often considered a difficult or not easy task.

Also, if you want the reunion to be attended by many people, you certainly cannot ask your friends to pay dearly. However, it cannot be denied that reunion events need funds to be held well.

Since social media has become more prevalent in Indonesia, school reunion events have also mushroomed. Do you want to host a reunion, but are constrained by costs? Just consider the following tips.

1. Selectively choose the Committee.

Make sure to choose people who are sincere and willing to work hard. Keep in mind that being on the reunion committee can take your time, energy, and mind, but you don't get paid.

2. Pay attention to the Alumni List.

One of the most important factors in a reunion is the attendance of the participants in the event. The more people who can come, of course, the better. The committee can use social media to collect data from school friends or community friends, depending on what reunion you want to hold.

3. Choosing the Right Time.

School holidays (around June - July) are often chosen as the time for big reunions because that's when friends who live outside the city or abroad can return to their hometowns. But, at the same time, at that time many families decide to take a vacation out of town or abroad.

4. Strategic Place.

A school hall or field is an ideal choice for a reunion venue. There must be many friends who have rarely been to school since graduation and they will be excited to visit their beloved alma mater. On the other hand, the use of school halls will also cut event costs significantly.

5. Smart in Sending Invitations.

Forget invitations sent manually by post. In addition to requiring more time, this method also costs more. Just take advantage of social media to share this event with your friends

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